Houston Endowment supports efforts that lead people toward lives of greater independence and fulfillment.

Comprehensive and collaborative human services are critical to the social support network that underlies a great city. They provide critical prevention, intervention, management and treatment strategies that assist people as they manage crises, overcome obstacles or achieve personal and professional goals.

The foundation supports a broad array of organizations and programs that provide for greater Houston’s most vulnerable populations, while assisting individuals, families and communities as they seek improved lives of greater independence, productivity and enjoyment.  Because it addresses so many different service offerings, the foundation has grouped them in the six categories described below.

  • Basic Needs:  People receive assistance with their basic human needs (food, clothing, shelter) and basic social needs (financial, legal).
  • Vulnerable Populations:  The elderly, disabled and chronically ill receive services that enable them to live with greater independence and dignity.
  • Safe Families:  A spectrum of services designed to prevent or address domestic violence and child abuse help strengthen and support families.
  • Children and Youth:  Children and youth meet or exceed developmental milestones (cognitive, social, emotional and physical) through the support of their families and communities.
  • Economic Development:  Youth and adults develop the skills and resources needed to obtain and maintain living-wage employment or better.
  • Strong Communities:  Low-income communities have safe, affordable housing and increase their economic wealth and stability.
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