Houston Endowment seeks to improve the health of greater Houston's residents in order to increase the vibrancy of our city and ensure that all have the opportunity to thrive.

Health is the foundation for a fulfilling and productive life. Healthy individuals are better able to pursue education and employment, raise stable families, engage in cultural or recreational activities and contribute to their communities and to the region as a whole. Houston Endowment maintains a firm commitment to health. We support organizations and ideas focused on improving the health of Houstonians.

While greater Houston is now home to some of the finest health institutions and the largest medical center in the world, many of our region's residents are unable to access basic medical care or other services that promote wellness and can prevent or mitigate poor health outcomes. Many private and governmental systems are in place to aid this population, but the need far outweighs the supply of services.

Health, however, is more than a function of clinical services. Just as important to ensuring healthy outcomes are the conditions within a community, such as availability of green spaces, access to healthy food and to quality education, that promote individual health and well-being and help residents lead healthier lives.

The Foundation seeks to improve the likelihood of healthy outcomes for the people of greater Houston through these two focus areas: increasing access to comprehensive primary and preventive care and promoting conditions in neighborhoods and across the city that help build a strong foundation for health. Working actively with our grant partners, we seek to build healthier communities for all Houstonians.

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