Goals & Result Areas

Houston Endowment's Health Program seeks to improve the health of greater Houston's residents. We focus on systems-level solutions, policy changes and innovative ideas that have the potential to dramatically increase positive health outcomes. Our current funding interests are focused on two general areas:

Increasing Access to Primary and Preventive Care: Houston Endowment seeks to improve the health of the people of greater Houston through highly strategic grants to expand access to comprehensive preventive and primary care services.

The Foundation believes everyone should have access to high-quality care, regardless of their income level or what neighborhood in Houston they call home. The Foundation invests in efforts focused on expanding access and improving the quality and efficiency of care.

The Foundation supports efforts to:

  • Enhance the Capacity of the Safety Net Clinic System. The current safety net system is woefully inadequate to meet the region's healthcare needs. We are interested in investing in efforts to improve the quality, accessibility and sustainability of the safety net clinic system in a manner that reflects community context and needs. We are especially interested in multi-player initiatives that are likely to measurably improve community health, and those that emphasize prevention of poor health outcomes.
  • Increase Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Services. We consider mental and behavioral health services to be a vital component of comprehensive preventive and primary care. We are interested in initiatives that expand access to mental and behavioral health services—particularly for children—in an innovative or scalable way. We are especially interested in efforts intended to improve access, efficiency and quality within and across systems of care, and those that emphasize prevention and early identification of behavioral health concerns.
  • Expand Health Insurance Coverage. Individuals with health insurance are more likely to access the care they need and in the most appropriate setting. We are interested in initiatives that leverage existing opportunities to significantly expand access to health insurance coverage for the economically disadvantaged.

Promoting Healthy Communities: Houston Endowment seeks to improve the health of people in greater Houston by helping communities overcome the social and environmental factors that contribute to poor health.

We know that access to health care services is just one factor that determines health; equally important are the places we live, work and play. Increasing access to healthy food, green spaces, and excellent education and support services can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of our residents.

The Foundation invests in efforts to promote healthy communities, with an emphasis on helping communities overcome barriers to good health. This approach toward health has a particular focus on disadvantaged communities where the effects of poverty compound and often have a disproportionate negative impact on children. We work to help families and communities overcome those effects of poverty so that this generation and the ones to follow can lead healthier and more productive lives.

The Foundation supports efforts to:

  • Address barriers to health systemically, including at the neighborhood and city-wide levels
  • Address multiple factors affecting health within a defined geographic area

Please note that much of our effort to promote healthy communities is supported by our other program areas.

  • To learn more about efforts in our environment program to support the physical determinants of health, click here.
  • To learn more about our work in education, click here.
  • To learn more about the human services areas we support, click here.
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