Types Of Investments

Because of the size and scale of the healthcare system, Houston Endowment's approach is to focus our resources on efforts that:

  • Measurably improve the health and well-being of greater Houston's disadvantaged populations
  • Include deep engagement with the community and leverage strong leadership
  • Have the potential to lead to policy or systems change
  • Can be scaled to benefit large numbers of our residents
  • Promote ideas and solutions based on sound evidence

Houston Endowment is unlikely to fund the following types of applications:

  • Direct service provision, or operating support for organizations that primarily provide direct services
  • Initiatives focused on specific illnesses or conditions
  • Initiatives focused on workforce development

Health is a dynamic field, and we strive to maintain a high degree of engagement within the region's health community in order to be aware of changing or emerging conditions or circumstances. As in our other program areas, the Foundation maintains the flexibility to respond to emerging needs or opportunities for impact, especially in disadvantaged communities.

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