Houston Endowment's Education Program supports initiatives in early childhood education and the public and higher education sectors to increase the number of students capable of earning a postsecondary credential.

Public school districts and higher education institutions in the greater Houston area enroll over 1.25 million students. The failure of many students to graduate from high school and obtain a postsecondary certificate or degree is one of the most important long-term challenges facing greater Houston and Texas. The obstacles to high school graduation and college success are especially acute for low-income and first-generation students. The Education Program seeks to increase the percentage of students earning a postsecondary credential through its support of initiatives in early-childhood, K-12 and higher education, and the seamless transition of students throughout the educational continuum.

Houston Endowment has two grantmaking strategies—Student Success and Leadership—within its Education Program with specific, complementary goals. Additionally, the Education Program selectively seeks to identify opportunistic strategies that contribute in meaningful ways to the program's overarching goal of improving postsecondary completion, or represent an opportunity to explore a new idea that may emerge as a strategic priority.

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