Houston Endowment works to help create a vibrant community where all people have the opportunity to thrive.

Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones established Houston Endowment in 1937 to improve life for the people of greater Houston. Since its creation the Foundation has focused on our community's most compelling needs.

Today, the Foundation's mission encompasses two overarching and interconnected areas:

  • Enhancing the vibrancy of greater Houston
  • Advancing equity of opportunity for the people who live here

Houston Endowment invests in sound organizations, proven programs and innovative approaches that align with our mission and vision. The Foundation reviews each application to determine the answers to three critical questions:

  • What specific results does the applicant seek to achieve?
  • What is the likelihood those results will be achieved?
  • Does this project or application stand out as an exceptional use of Houston Endowment resources, given the range of competing community needs and opportunities?
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