Guiding Principles

We are externally focused.

  • We understand our diverse and changing community.
  • We respect and learn from our grantees.
  • We value transparency in our work.

We connect our decisions to clear goals.

  • We measure our success by what our grantees achieve.
  • We ensure our grants are linked to Board-approved goals.
  • We use defined strategies within our board program areas.
  • We make disciplined decisions.
  • We remain open to new opportunities.

We commit to continuous learning.

  • We look for clear measures of successful outcomes when considering a grant.
  • We work with our grantees to develop measurements that serve our shared goals.
  • We share successes and failures so that our grantees and community can learn with us.

We are good stewards of the Foundation's assets.

  • We are mindful of our legacy and reputation in the community.
  • We protect and grow our financial assets for the benefit of the community in perpetuity.
  • We have the right people, in the right jobs, doing the right things.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for bringing our best every day.
  • We protect and nurture our culture. Our people, processes and personal conduct support our mission.
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